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20 Bartenders Reveal What Your Drink Says About You

Just something to think about when going for drinks.

Thought Catalog

Consensus? Basically that anyone who orders a Jager bomb is an idiot. But apparently, so are people who order Blowjobs! Read more on this Reddit thread

 image - Shutterstock

image – Shutterstock

1. You’re just ordering this because you heard it in a rap song, aren’t you?

I find that people who aren’t “real” drinkers order drinks that they’ve heard in rap songs. When Drake said something about Moscato, which is a sweet white wine, I suddenly had an influx of tough looking dudes ordering Moscato. I give them the drink and they look at me like, WTF, I’m like that’s what your dumb ass ordered!

2. Dayum, girl.

Long Island Iced Tea: I want to get fucked up.

3. You’re probably going to jail if you drink a lot of this.

As someone that formerly worked at the DA’s office, it seems like all crimes start with Bud Light. Not miller, not…

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Some Advice from Ted Talks

Some wise words from Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, that everyone should be listening to and taking to heart. He knows what it is like in the “real” advertising and marketing world and gives us some amazing insight.

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